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The purpose of meditation is to bring about a feeling of well-being for any situation, any place, any time in our everyday life.

Composed to increase...


Spiritual awareness is a gradual process, regular listening to this beautiful angelic music can engender a dynamic rise of awareness within us. The music will bring us here and now!

This present moment! Not tomorrow, not yesterday but

All this is possible by opening all our senses with the help of music.

Composed for...


The use of this music creates a feeling of peace, joy, tranquility, relaxation and well-being; it helps reduce stress and tension, inducing relaxation.

This music also helps us in our inner journey and makes us grow in wisdom and beauty.

Composed for...


Tuning forks help to harmonize all of our bodies: physical, emotional, mental, causal, buddhic, christic and atmic.

The goal is to live in unification with the terrestrial and celestial world.

With the addition of...


High vibrations to awaken and activate our chakras. They take us to multidimensional levels.

These mantras raise our ego (personality) to the level of our soul (divinity) and thus unify them.

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