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Musical biography of...

I let this vibration of pure Love pass through my fingers and I let my soul vibrate to celestial sounds with my synthesizers. It is the instrument that best reproduces the sounds of this angelic music that has been with me for a long time.

It is my way, as a musician artist, to make tangible the angelic sounds and of the spiritual and galactic worlds that I have heard and felt since my childhood.

It is thanks to these sounds that I managed to work on the Personalized Music of the Archangels (APM). The Beings of Light inspire me, and I work with them by composing music that brings divine well-being to the person who listens to it. A APM can help you evolve in your quest for rebirth to your Divinity.

If there is one thing I have been taught, it is to become aware of our Greatness and our divine Power dormant within us.

I have composed several MP3 albums, but I know this is only the beginning. I have already given several concerts; my soul loving to share and vibrate with the crowd. Only Love and joy reign during an angelic concert.

I am here on Earth to vibrate what Heaven (the Source) wants you to feel: Love, joy and above all inner peace, these are states of being felt during the composition of my music and when listening to it.

Music is not a job for me; it's a game! I play music and have fun with instruments and sounds. Keep joy in your heart.