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Archangels’ Personalized Music of...

APM is an approach that combines music and energy transfer.

Your personalized album of Archangels’ music

A personalized album that propels your vibratory rate towards a better physical and spiritual inner being.

“This morning I started listening to the Archangels’ Personalized Music that you made for me. To my great surprise I felt surrounded by a beautiful energy, the one I feel during my meditations. Many thanks for this beautiful gift! I send you my most fraternal thoughts of love.”


France, Europe

  •  Created specially according to your vibration

  • Inspired by the Archangels

  • Your album (MP3 format) lasts about 30 minutes


    When ordering, you choose from the following themes:

  • Abundance

  • Love / Compassion / Faith

  • Chakras (balance)

  • Cells

  • Communion with your divine spark

  • Communion with your angels

  • Communion with your Spiritual Guides

  • Letting go

  • Sleep

  • Past lives (harmonization of)

  • Yin Yang (balance)

  • How your ALBUM works

    Archangels’ Personalized Music  includes three parts, each playing a different role.

    First part

    In this first part, the musical piece is Light, taken from the album of the same name.

    Peter prepares you to receive the energies of change from music. You receive high musical energies by opening your inner light in this important phase of preparation.

    Second part

    The second part is composed especially for you from the theme you have chosen.

    These twenty minutes or so are essential for the energy carried by the music to permeate your subtle bodies and be effective.

    The energy that the music carries will increase your vibratory rate.

    Third part

    The song that plays in this last part is Raphael, taken from the album Light.

    This part is played to help you complete the work of inner transformation.

    The conclusion includes a brief channeling from Archangel Raphael.


    Each time you listen to your album, the music energy acts on you as a channel of blessing

    → This wonderful music calms your mind and harmonizes your physical and spiritual energies

    → An inner peace sets in

    → You are brought into a state of unconditional love

    → Its benefits increase with use,
    listen to your album as many times as you want!

    100 $CA


    “Peter Clérin's  Archangels’ Personalized Music  is quite simply an effective and enveloping energetic healing.

    At the beginning, it is a guided meditation that allows you to make an energy transfer and to go deep within yourself, to raise your vibratory rate.

    In my case, it helps me manage chronic pain, and the music brings you into a purifying and comforting meditative state, allowing me to sleep like a baby!



    Gatineau, Canada

    “At first, everything deep inside was calm, I had no images, just great relaxation. Little by little, I entered a vibratory field making me live out of time and space very particular and soothing situations.

    He reaches with these vibrations unsuspected depths in you. It reaches you at the core of your essence and brings you to understand the state in which you are, the meaning of life, of what your heart expresses.

    It is truly a very beautiful experience that is not over because it is to be heard again, listened to and relived.

    Thank you, Peter for this approach which looks like you, very gently with depth and love.”


    Lac Mégantic, Canada

    “When Peter first approached me with the idea of creating  Archangels’ Personalized Music , I confessed that I was a bit reluctant to bother him. It is so much easier for me to take care of other people. But, in his infinite wisdom, Peter insisted that I stop and take the time for me.

    Since receiving the  Archangels’ Personalized Music , I have found that I am finally beginning to better balance my energies. No longer am I a complete workaholic. I still work long and hard --but I am doing a much better job of pacing myself and taking time out for me.

    Additionally, when I play the  Archangels’ Personalized Music , I sleep well and wake feeling refreshed and with a new vitality. The Archangels’ Personalized Music  has helped in many other ways.

    Overall, it is the best CD in my collection, and I would be lost without it now. Your music has captured the essence of the Cosmos. Very inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for the privilege of being given the opportunity to sample your beautiful music.”


    Californie, États-Unis

    Your personalized album!

    100 $CA