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“This music propels me into a world without heaviness or obstacles and delights my soul every time I dive into it. Thank you Peter!”


What my fans say

"My grand-daughter Erin is 6 years old and curious. When I told her I was going to listen to some music from Mr. Peter she said yes. I told her it was a chant but she would not know what the words meant. As she listened to the music her hands went up to her heart, tears came onto her eyes and she said "my heart is breaking". I immediately knew that this was an important spiritual moment. I softly asked, "why"? She said "It is so beautiful! I want to feel it more!" I asked, "Do you like this feeling?" And she again said "yes". I knew that she was expressing grief that something has been missing in her life and she did not know to express it. Every couple of days when I was visiting, she asked to hear Mr. Peter's music."


Texas, United States

"Peter, I just want to thank you for this very special Angel music.

It is totally so profound, exceptional. I do find it spiritually awakening and touching my soul in many ways.

I thank you from my heart for this very precious gift to me. You are such an amazing and gifted artist.

May the Angels always bless you with creating your Angelic music.


Kentuky, United States

Testimony of a concrete result :

“I listened to the albums " Light " and " Love " during a 3-hour Parisian traffic jam and I felt enveloped by a sphere of light all along ; I never felt weakened or irritated, but I felt as if I was protected from noise, aggressiveness and a whole off-center world, because I myself was centered...

There are human beings who have been able to transmit their perceptions to us in all humility and generosity. May Peter be thanked for so many efforts offered to all of us, for all the light that this music brings us.

Thank you Peter!”


Paris, France


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  • 1. Freedom Vibration

    2. Inner Light

    3. Divine Moment

    4. Inner Peace

    5. Soul Joys

    6. Master of Your Life

    7. Connect with the Source

    8. Inner Wealth

    9. Divine Keys



Master in Alternative Hypnosis

I offer Spiritual Hypnosis to help you plan a better life for yourself.

It will then be easier for you to communicate with your Spiritual Guide on a daily basis.


It's a semi-conscious hypnosis

which will help you find yourself and give you back control of your life.

You alone are the MASTER of YOUR Life.

I serve as a guide, but you will be the actor of your movie (during the session) to become the observer in Your reality.

You will become more aware of your daily life and thus you will live instead of surviving.

Here are the benefits of this meeting…

...work and journey on the spiritual plane

...develop a beautiful bond with your Spiritual Guide

...connect with confidence to faculties buried within you that are just waiting to be tapped

I'm here to help you...

...awaken your consciousness to the spiritual world that has been part of your existence since your birth without you really knowing it

...understand the importance of your life on earth in connection with

the guides of the invisible world who accompany you

This experience that I invite you to live with me

is a unique opportunity to trace this marvelous path and

to harmonize your earthly and spiritual life in order to flourish by deploying your full potential.

Duration of the session: 2 hours /by appointment only

Price: $90

To plan with a ZOOM session.

Write to me...


Customer Testimonials

"Peter Clerin was able to give me confidence to allow me the greatest of journeys, to the heart of myself... His educational approach allowed me to fully understand what I was about to experience and what I had experienced like no one else could! With Peter, I was able to grasp the elusive and understand myself better, know myself better, to better understand the world around me and my interaction with it. Peter allowed me to feel better and therefore to radiate this happiness around me. I will forever be grateful to him and recommend him to everyone!"


Quebec, Canada

"We had the opportunity to follow several hypnosis sessions with Mr. Peter Clérin. During each of these sessions, we were able to appreciate his professionalism, his attentiveness and his respectful approach which greatly facilitate contact. All these attributes that Mr. Clérin knows how to demonstrate have enabled us to obtain more than satisfactory results, from which we will be able to benefit throughout our lives. We will not hesitate to call on Mr. Clérin's services again if needs arise in the future."


Quebec, Canada

"For me, this world has always been there and confirms to me that it is there. I am one with this world. I find the keys and stuff to protect myself. I gained more confidence and it gives me the vision that everything around me is like a movie. We create and must not be afraid to do what we want the most. I discovered that my strength is to help animals and people without them knowing it, because it is the heart that guides me.

That is the most powerful key in our body.

Thanks Peter!"